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About … You!

Whether you are a company or a private individual, I will do my utmost to meet your expectations, so that you will be able to bring a special event to life again in at some later point.

Your complete satisfaction is really a key objective for me. 

Even if it is just for an hour or two, don’t hesitate to call upon my services at any time.


… ME


Ghislain Bruyere

I am an events photographer. And … I love it!


My goal is to capture the unforgettable moments of a company seminar, a religious ceremony, a sport event…


Above all, I like to catch the instant, when people are the most natural. Most of the time I work with discretion and I can make myself almost invisible in order to capture faces, postures, and expressions… as natural a state as possible.


I like to photograph a person smiling or looking astonished, to capture the great complicity between two or more people. Capturing and keeping the atmosphere of a location is a challenge I do like to meet.




 About ... Photo coverage! 

When organising a birthday party, we always think about music, drinks, sometimes food, but rarely about bringing a photographer. It is not the alcohol which will leave you some nice memories of the evening, on the contrary…


From a party with 1200 invitees or a hen party with 10 people, I can come to you and deliver you pictures that will immortalise this event for ever.